May 10, 2021

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Mike Rua

Kikuyus React to “Controversial Nude Song” by Mike Rua

Known for his “dirty tongue”, Mike Rua has kept the tongues of Mugithi fans wagging yet another time.

Barely a month ago, the top Mugithi artist released a song titled ” Irima” translated as borehole in English, a song that have stirred a debate in Mugithi Nation.

In his “Irima” song, Rua is singing for a borehole that is supposed to provide water for both the owners of the borehole and the community at large but the owners of the borehole are selfish, they don’t allow people from the community to fetch water from the borehole.

Fans of Rua are divided on social media some arguing that Rua was so naughty and according to them, he was singing for adult virgin girls who have refused to fall into breaking their “borehole”.

Mike Rua. Photo – Mike Rua Facebook Page

In his lyrics, Rua sings, ” You are boring for not allowing us access to the borehole, you are not the ones who dug the borehole, you found it there.”
Some of his criticizers had their own understanding, that Rua meant “Nunu” for Borehole.

Jenairo Munene wrote this comment after the Mugithi star uploaded the song on youtube, “Congratulations Mike Rua you have made me so happy and you have taught me how to borrow it, and when they refuse to give me it??, I will be saying these words. The song is sooo nice,,,,,,,, on point ?


On his part, Alfred Mindoz thought the “Borehole” song was coined, “Rua my guy. ???no riu irima ti ria mai”

The song has now attracted over 100K viewers with it’s top quality video that was shot at Kiandutu, a notorious slum in the outskirts of Thika Town, Kiambu county.

Rua is ranked among the top Mugithi artists from Kikuyu land but he is known for releasing “nude songs” that are not suitable for General Listeners.

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