May 10, 2021

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Witeithie MCA Julius Macharia alias Taki addressing the traders

Witeithie MCA Julius Macharia alias Taki addressing the traders

Juja Traders Support New Kiambu County Alcoholic Drinks Act

Juja Sub-County liquor traders have expressed their support for the new Kiambu County Alcoholic drinks act saying it was mindful of their well-being.

Speaking at a bar in Witeithie ward, the traders through their welfare group chairman William Kimani Muiko said they were particularly happy that the new act involved their members in the licensing committee to ensure fairness in the issuance of license and inspection of premises.

Kimani said the welfare also supported the eradication of the skyrocketing wine and spirit outlets.

He regretted that even M-pesa kiosks, had been turned into such outlets adding that some of the joints were selling illicit brews that continue to pose serious peril to consumers’ lives.

“We are not fighting these outlets, let them upscale into bars or wholesale wine and spirit outlets. We cannot sit and watch these outlets assuming bars role of retail business. In fact, most of the wine and spirit outlets are selling their products in glasses which is not only illegal but dangerous,” said Muiko.

Witeithie ward MCA Julius Macharia Taki on his part urged the county government to support and offer incentives to the liquor traders since they were the backbone of the revenue collected by the county.

Theta ward administrator Peter Mbuthia who represented Juja Sub-county Administrator Selina Murithii, told the traders to strictly adhere to the laid down Covid-19 protocols.

He urged them to be on the lookout for persons masquerading as county Askaris and Cops but are crooks who have been extorting money from traders.

The sub-county liquor officer Irene Mburu said those who had paid for last year’s license will enjoy a 10% cut in this year’s license. License will now be rated on the basis of area zoning as opposed to blanket rates.

Area OCS Martin Murimi said his work was to enforce the law. He said the national government law superseded that of the county.


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