May 10, 2021

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Some of the inaugral medical students during their release ceremony

Some of the inaugral medical students during their release ceremony

MKU Releases Inaugural Medical Students

Mount Kenya University (MKU) yesterday released 24 medical doctors, its inaugural cohorts since the university was allowed by the University Education in 2014 to offer Bachelor of Science, clinical medicine and community health.

Dr Eva Njenga, the chairman of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council, is CEO Dr Daniel Yumbya, MKU founder Simon Gicharu, the newly appointed Vice Chancellor Prof Deogratius Jaganyi and Pro-Chancellor  Dr Vincent Gaitho presided the hippocratic oath-taking of the graduand doctors who received six year-training, amid calls for institutions to maintain quality training of health practitioners.

Dr Njenga said while the demand of doctors in the country remains high leading increasing training facilities, the council was keen to ensure the level of training remains above board, saying a product is as good as the process of producing is.

“We have the national training and standard of medical school and teaching hospitals in Kenya. This is one of the aspects that as a council is taking seriously because we want to make sure that the doctors that are coming out of the medical schools are safe for the people we work for,” Dr Njenga said.

Gicharu said, to be allowed to start the program, the university had to put up s Sh300 million a well-equipped Science laboratory including Anatomy laboratory dabbed General Kago Funeral Home through a public private partnership with Thika Level Five Hospital where all the medical doctors have undergone practical training.

“We were the first University to roll out an accredited Bachelor of Science, Clinical Medicine and Community Health and the first Private University to offer a Pharmacy programme at a time when this seemed impossible. The process was not for the faint hearted but our investments in putting up training facilities and hiring competent faculty ensured that we were successful,” Gicharu said yesterday.

Recently, Gicharu said the institution was ranked the best in Kenya with a score of 82 percent in an inspection conducted by a joint team of technical health experts from the East African Community  Partner States National Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulatory Councils.

Prof Serem said: “It worthwhile in some seven years back to heavily invest in financial, physical and human infrastructure capable of producing medical doctors that our dear nation deserves at this point in time, this was foresightedness and very visionary leadership whose fruition is what we are witnessing today.”

Dr Gaitho said MKU had adopted a 3-tier mandate of Teaching, Research &amp, Innovation and community service, noting that research remains a key socio- economic and political pillar to ensure meaningful and sustainable development in the modern world.

“Commercialization of research output is one of the priority areas that MKU has embarked on in the MKU 2020- 2029

Strategic plan. MKU Research and post graduate studies will be a platform that will mold researchers in Kenya and the region,” he said.

Prof Jaganyi said the varsity would use its medical faculty to support the government in actualizing its “Kenya Health Policy 2014 – 2030” by the Ministry of Health through continued offering of quality training and research.

 “As stipulated in the Social Pillar of Kenya Vision 2030 as well as under the SDGs 2030, the private sector’s role cannot be over-

Emphasized. And this is where and how we come in as a university so that we can supplement the Government’s support in health care and especially in capacity development,” the Vice Chancellor said.


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