June 25, 2021

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Construction works going on at Kirigiti Stadium

KSH 590M Modern Kirigiti Stadium Taking Shape

The construction of 15, 000 capacity Kirigiti modern stadium in Kiambu county is on track with 45% of the work done and it is expected to be opened for public in the next four months.

The national government through the ministry of sports released KSH 590 Million in October last year for the rehabilitation of the stadium with sports cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed launching the construction of the stadium.

Construction works going on at Kirigiti Stadium

In an inspection tour to the multi-million sporting facility, principal secretary for public works major general retired Gordon Kihalangwa noted that the stadium is one of a kind as the contractor is applying modern technology to erect the structure.

“This is a modern stadium which is being built using the modern technology, there’s precast concrete and it only started three months ago and it’s expected to be complete in May this year,” he told citizen Digital.

The respected military man added that the construction of this stadium have met the required international standards.

“The stadium is being built on international standards and international matches will be held here,”

PS Kihalangwa was accompanied by seven other permanent secretaries to inspect several development projects in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard.

President Uhuru Kenyatta led government promised to construct nine modern stadiums during the campaigns for the 2017 general elections and Kirigiti stadium was in that list.

Kirigiti Stadium is one of the oldest sporting facilities in Kiambu County and it was initially constructed by the colonial government as a cricket grounds and this made locals to directly translate the word cricket to Kirigiti that suits their dialect.

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