March 7, 2021

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MKU Vice Chancellor Stanley Waundo

MKU Vice Chancellor Stanley Waundo

Adapt to new learning styles, e-learning-VC Waudo tells MKU students

Students joining Mt Kenya University (MKU) have been challenged to adapt to diverse learning styles including online learning so as to succeed in their studies.

The University Vice Chancellor Prof Stanley Waudo said that the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to closure of learning institutions in March this year, has redefined teaching and learning especially in institutions of higher learning.

He spoke during the orientation exercise of new students joining the University at the varsity’s main campus in Thika on Tuesday. “learning to adapt to diverse learning styles is the key to success,” he said.

The VC told the students that virtual learning has proved to be a viable alternative mode of learning since the onset of the pandemic in the country and that they should utilize the digital platforms availed to the by the University to enhance their studies for success.

New MKU students
New MKU students

“In an academic environment with diverse learning styles, overreliance on one learning style is not the best thing to do. Adapting to all learning styles is necessary for fulfillment of one’s academic aspirations,” Waudo told the students.

He noted that that since the onset of the pandemic in the country, MKU transited to educational digital platforms including the University’s sister firm, TV 47, and has managed to successfully maintain learning continuity.

“The University leveraged on innovative and collaborative technologies to deliver its mandate of teaching, research and service provision,” he said.

He said that a partnership with Telco Safaricom reduced internet costs for MKU staff and students and facilitated online learning. He also noted that The University partnered with tech firm Microsoft for e-learning software.

“The University used Microsoft Teams Application for online meetings, teaching and conducting examinations,” Waudo said.

Waudo said that digital transformation in the country and across the globe has redefined learning through creating learning experiences that inspire lifelong learning. “Learners must be ready to adapt to these transformations and utilize the opportunities for their academic excellence,” he said.

Waudo added, “On-line learning is student-centered in a self-paced manner, and encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning. It encourages students to learn through doing— solving problems, practicing, progressing, and having fun, with real-time feedback from educators.


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