March 7, 2021

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A police vehicle

A police vehicle

Family Seeking Justice After Man Gravely Bites Kin’s Genitals, Demolishes House In Land Development Feud

A family in Juja, Kiambu County is seeking justice after their kin’s genitals were gravely bitten in an ugly land development feud with a neighbor.

Joyce Muthoni Waithaka says that Erick Nyaga, a neighbor, in the company of hired goons demolished a one storey building she was putting up for her two sons over claims that she was building rentals on a locality designed for residential houses.

Muthoni narrated how she received a call from the ongoing project’s security guard on the night of September 23 informing her that her house was under demolition.

She called the estate security guard who picked the call but did not utter a word and instead hung up.

Following the incident, she called her youngest son Charles Kinyua and informed him of the new development.

The two went to the construction site together and on arrival, they found Nyaga, a man they have had a longstanding scuffle with standing near the gate.

She sought to know what the man could be doing at her ongoing project in the wee hours of the night. 

“He told me that he was from Kiama Kiama (a Kikuyu cultural organization) but failed to respond why at night,” said Muthoni.

A scuffle is reported to have ensued as Muthoni pursued to know why a man he has known for years could demolish a house she took a huge loan to construct.

After a heated exchange, Nyaga is reported to have left the ground but Muthoni followed him to his house to get to the bottom of the matter, all this time, in the company of her son.

While at the man’s house, Muthoni went on to call the estate chairman and while pursuing him, Nyaga took a fight with her son that resulted in him (the son) being gravely bitten on his genitals. Muthoni also suffered injuries on her hand as she tried to rescue her son.

“My son is grappling with excruciating pain after the operation that saw him get hospitalized at Kenyatta National Hospital for four days. He only went home after medics from the hospital went on a strike and is now under home care management,” said Muthoni.

“There are relevant agencies mandated to demolish houses if they don’t meet the construction standards but Nyaga maliciously went on to destroy the project, I took a huge loan to put up,” she said.

On his side, Kinyua who is not married said that the man almost crushed his genitals resulting in a risk of him failing to sire children in future.

Kinyua said he is at risk of contracting other infections and called on authorities to expedite arrest of the man behind his woes.

“The man wanted to chop off my genitals in entirety but my mother intervened and unfortunately suffered finger injuries. That was tantamount to killing my dream of becoming a father. We want justice for all that happened,” he said.

The family is now seeking compensation for the damages incurred in the demolition of their house and justice for the son who is now agonizingly recovering at home.

Juja Sub County Police Commander Dorothy Migarusha confirmed that Kinyua had made a report at the station that ‘a man well known to him had bitten his private parts’.

Migarusha said that detectives have completed investigations and are preparing charges before arraigning the suspect in court.

“He will be charged with causing grievous bodily harm and malicious damage to property. This is a case of a neighbour who cannot agree with the structure of a building which is being put up,” she said.

She called on members of the public to embrace dialogue to amicably solve differences instead of resulting to infights and avoid taking law into their own hands.

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