June 25, 2021

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Ongoing construction of Ndaraca bridge in Juja, Kiambu County

Ongoing construction of Ndaraca bridge in Juja, Kiambu County

Relief as Kiambu Injects Sh 39 Million For Construction of Killer Bridges In Juja

Residents of Ndaraca and Judah in Theta ward area of Juja in Kiambu County can breathe a sigh of relief after the devolved unit injected Sh 39 million for construction of two killer bridges that have been a nightmare for residents over the years.

Ndaraca and Judah bridges whose construction has commenced are hoped to bring to an end longstanding crossing challenges during heavy rains.

The two have been allocated Sh 16 million and Sh 23 million respectively and are expected to be completed in three months’ time.

At least 50 people are reported to have died while crossing the two bridges especially when river Ruiru swells during heavy downpour.

According to Theta Ward Member of County Assembly Simon Kuria, the two bridges will end the situation that has been a ticking bomb.

“Many have died while crossing the two bridges. It’s been a total mess for many residents who only survive by crossing to the other side of the river for economic activities. We are however expediting the process that could see the project completed in three months,” said Kuria.

The MCA called on governor James Nyoro to release the remaining funds to facilitate faster completion of the project for it to start serving residents.

Residents narrated a heart-wrenching tale of the makeshift bridge linking Juja farm and Murera Ndaraca estate and which for two decades has been serving as fodder for politicians wooing locals during the electioneering period.

Due to the narrowness of the bridge, one has to walk carefully or risk falling off and drown in the flooded river.

Heavy trucks cross to the other ridge using the river as the narrow makeshift bridge cannot accommodate their weight.

Residents said that for years, they have heard promises from politicians of all kinds, something that has since boiled their anger to a melting point.

“Politicians have climbed to power courtesy of the lies they peddled on construction of these bridges. We are however optimistic that light is coming and we could be crossing to the other side of greatness,” said Damaris Wanjiru, a resident.

But it is not entirely anger, the locals fear for their lives while crossing the perilous bridge.

For long, they have held demonstrations especially after a teacher was swept away by the river as he was crossing over to a nearby primary school a few years ago but none of their cries hit the right ear.

They are now expected to wipe their tears after completion of the project that is also expected to spur economic developments in the area.

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