March 7, 2021

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Officers from Gatundu North Sub County clear a bush at the banks of river Chania

Officers from Gatundu North Sub County clear a bush at the banks of river Chania

Authorities intensify fight against illicit brews at notorious dens in Gatundu North

The fight against illicit brews and other outlawed substances in Gatundu North Constituency, Kiambu County has intensified with authorities having managed to successfully wipe out the illegal drinks by 80 percent.

Area deputy county commissioner Buxton Mayabi said that while the fight has been having a myriad of challenges, authorities have been on a high alert to curb the menace that has in the past seen hundreds of youths turn to zombies and hampered economic development of Makwa, Gatukuyu, Kamwangi and Mang’u villages.

Speaking yesterday after launching the clearing of illicit brews hideouts at the bushy banks of remotely located Chania river, Mayambi said that local authorities from the area are working around the clock to ensure a hundred percent success in the dangerous fight.

The bush is expected to be cleared by youths employed in the Kazi Mtaani initiative who will camp at the river for the next two weeks.

He said that illicit brew manufacturers have been taking advantage of the bushes to hide the outlawed substances hampering fight against the vice.

Mayabi said that his officers have teamed up with Gatanga Constituency local authorities to form a formidable team that will see the wiping out of the brewers.

“We are sure that when we clear this dangerous forest where the brewers have been hiding, illicit brews in this area will be a thing of the past. We are working with Kazi Mtaani youth to ensure this happens in two weeks,” he said.

Mayabi cautioned residents against taking outlawed substances including illegal alcohol saying that President Uhuru Kenyatta only lifted a ban on legal drinking materials.

While lauding the initiative that will see eradication of outlawed substances that have been having a negative social-economic impact in the area, youths involved in the clearing process said the move to clear the bushes will scare the brewers away.

Led by Faith Wangari and Samuel Kibathi, the youths said that most youths venture into drinking due to joblessness, hopelessness in life and domestic feuds.

Kazi Mtaani, they said, has transformed hundreds of youths who are now fighting the crimes they were hitherto involved in.

“We are sure that by clearing this forest, we will have saved lives by fighting the killer drinks. We have been given security and from our end, we promise to give the initiative all the energy,” said Wangari.

Earlier in the morning, a team of chiefs and police officers drowned 1,200 liters of Kangara and destroyed illicit brew making ingredients at the far-flung river.

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