June 25, 2021

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Urithi housing cooperative chairman Samuel Maina

Urithi housing cooperative chairman Samuel Maina

Unwarranted competition a big threat to government’s housing agenda-investor.

Unwarranted competition and witch-hunt pose a big threat to the Real Estate sector and the government’s agenda on housing, Urithi Housing Cooperative Society Chairman Samuel Maina has said.

Maina who spoke during the AGM of Urithi’s sister company, Premier Sacco, in Thika said that some players in the Real Estate Sector are out to denigrate others by spreading malicious negative publicity.

Maina said that unity between the sector players was vital in complementing the Government’s agenda on affordable housing. “All players in this sector must understand that we have one thing in common that our mission should be to help Kenyans acquire affordable homes and thereby realize the housing agenda as envisaged by President Uhuru Kenyatta,” he said.

“We all know that there are challenges everywhere and currently we had a small problem of settling a loan which we are still on course in the repayment process. But some malicious people have taken the matter out of proportion to taint us as a falling giant. People must desist from such acts for the sake of Kenyans who have invested in real estates,” Maina added.

Urithi housing cooperative chairman Samuel Maina at the centre during Premier Sacco's AGM in Thika. With him is Sacco's chairman Pius Thuku and a board member
Urithi housing cooperative chairman Samuel Maina at the centre during Premier Sacco’s AGM in Thika. With him is Sacco’s chairman Pius Thuku and a board member

He said this after reports emerged that the Society’s Panorama Gardens Project located along Gatanga road was being put on sale by a bank to clear a loan the Society had accrued.

“The reports that were circulated were falsehoods because we are in a good agreement with the Bank and our members on the settling of the loan,” he said.

Maina said that currently the Sacco is dedicated in complimenting the Governments efforts in implementing its four agendas asserting that Urithi has specialized on addressing housing matters in the country.

“As our endeavor to compliment the government’s efforts in addressing Housing problems in the country, Urithi is striving to construct some 5000 affordable houses in the next four years,” the Chairman said.

He noted that so far, the society has completed and handed over more than 1000 houses to members and over 6000 title deeds issued to Kenyans who have invested in the society.

The Chairman also said that other housing projects including Nyumba Mia in Utange, Mombasa, GEM II Witeithie in Juja, Nyumba Mia project in Rongai and the Osteen Terrace Gardens (OTG) in Joska are on the verge of completion and will be handed over to members before the end of this year.

He called on the 38,000 members of the Society to strongly defend the projects they have heavily invested in from gratuitous publicity which he said is only meant to disintegrate them and lead to the society’s collapsing.

“We believe in pulling resources together and therefore we shouldn’t let malevolent individuals’ water down the achievements we have so far achieved and our investments that are meant to give our future generation a better place to call home,” the Chairman said.

Thika West Cooperatives boss Catherine Mbuki challenged the society leadership to strive and ensure they transform the lives of their members.

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