May 10, 2021

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Thika traders raise concern over proliferation of sex workers

Thika residents have raised concern over proliferation of sex workers within the town.

The residents said that lately, prostitutes have been parading outside businesses, parking lots and along Uhuru busy street within the day causing unnecessary harassment to passersby.

The concerned residents, some of who are business stalls owners decried that high numbers of sex workers have not only become notorious in the busy town but also have been affecting their businesses negatively.

The twilight girls are reported to be hawking sex for as little as Sh 50 following their increase which has resulted to a stiff competition.

Led by Joel Irungu, the residents said they are yet to understand the reason behind the increased number of girls, some of who are said to be college students.

“We have been having prostitutes in the recent past but lately, the business seems to have thriven. It’s sad that some girls are hawking their bodies for as little as Sh 50 during the day. This has affected our businesses because customers have started fearing nearing some streets where they hawk most,” lamented Irungu.

Jane Mwangi, a resident said that the increase could be blamed for rising cost of living and sustained joblessness among the youth.

“It’s time the government re-thinks the issue of job creation. This, among other factors such as high cost of living is to blame for the mess in Thika town,” angry Mwangi said.

The residents now want Kiambu County government to move quickly and designate certain areas for the twilight girls to avert quarrels with businesspersons within the town.

Their concern comes only a few days after two suspected lesbians were frog marched by an angry mob to the local police station.

The two angered members of the public when they were spotted kissing passionately publicly outside Thika Arcade.

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