June 25, 2021

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Bishop Julius Kithome CEO, EA-SSASPF (Left) and Dr. Priscilla Gatiti, Deputy CEO.

EA-SSASPF Partners With Black Diamond To Fight Poverty In Kenya

East Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Safe Promotions Foundation (EA-SSASPF) is a  Non profitable organisation, foundation, aiming at developing enterprise solutions that will enable rural and urban poor communities in Kenya achieve a better quality life in the society.

EA-SSASPF has now partnered with Nigeria’s Black Diamond Foundation (BDF), a non profitable Organisation to empower the less fortunate Kenyans both financially and spiritually.

Bishop Julius Kithome, Chief executive officer EA-SSASPF, said the foundation has already brought together over 8, 000,000 Kenyans across all the regions who have similar ideas on how they can change their lives.

“We have been criss-crossing country meeting Kenyans who live below the poverty line. We urge them to form groups of 15 persons and we educate athem on how they can start small projects hoped to elevate them from their current state. We give them hope and empowerment,” Bishop Kithome told Latest News Kenya.

Bishop Julius Kithome CEO, EA-SSASPF (Left) and Dr. Priscilla Gatiti, Deputy CEO.

The Foundation has however not injected any monetary support to these groups but their partnership with BDF will see the groups with outstanding projects benefit from financial boosts from the donor.

Deputy CEO Dr. Priscilla Gatiti warned Kenyans not to give any money to officials as the NGO doesn’t charge any fee.

“EA-SSASPF doesn’t charge it’s members, we are giving moral support, ideas and hope to these group members, now that we have partnered with BDF, we are expecting to offer financial support and we will inject some to the already started projects,” she said.

Some of the beneficiaries told Latest News Kenya that they have running projects such as chicken rearing, bee keeping, and dairy farming.

“I started with five Chickens but since I joined the organisation I have over 600 chicken, they gave me lessons,” Joseph Gatimu said.

Alice Murigu applauded EA-SSASPF for not only educating the members but also giving them ideas on profitable projects.

On the other hand, Reverend Martin’s Enoh Agbor, a representative of BDF insisted that the foundation is not so much on material help but spiritual.

“We give ideas first, then hope, yes, financial support will follow,” he said.

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