June 25, 2021

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Neighbours gather at the home of John Maina to mourn Veronicah Mumbi

Neighbours gather at the home of John Maina to mourn Veronicah Mumbi

Family mourning kin for two months now over unpaid hospital bill pleads for help.

A family at Kariminu village in Gatundu North which has been pitching tents to mourn their kin for two months now is now pleading for help to have their kin buried.

51-year-old Veronica Mumbi succumbed to high sugars while undergoing dialysis at Nairobi West Hospital on 7th July this year.

According to John Maina who is an elder brother to the deceased, Mumbi got an emergency and was rushed to the hospital where she was booked in intensive care unit for nineteen days before she passed on.

Shock hit the family after they were slapped with a bill of over one million forcing them to allow a stay of their kin’s body at the hospitals morgue as they seek funds to bail out the body.

For two months now, the family has been conducting fundraisers to solicit for in excess of Sh 1.7 million in futility.

“We have run out of ideas on how to raise the funds. Being victims of 2007 tribal crushes, we don’t have a title to present as a surety to the hospital,” said Maina.

Neighbors who have been making visits to the family daily have also exhausted all means and the family has now been left in sheer distress not thinking what to do next.

Maina said that the fundraisers have only managed to raise Sh 200,000 against the hospitals Sh 1.7 million requirement or a title surety which the hopeless family doesn’t possess.

Speaking from the home which the family was temporarily given by a Good Samaritan after 2007 ethnic crisis, Regina Gathoni who is a neighbor narrated a trail of sufferings that the family has endured since the demise of Mumbi.

She said that they have sought help from all quotas with no avail.

The family is now seeking the intervention of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu to help in waiving the consistently increasing bill to allow them bury their kin.

To reach the family, one can call Karago on 0721811088

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