March 7, 2021

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Part of the dilapidated area where forgoten IDP's live. The IDP's are crying out for government, well-wishers help

Neglected Ruiru IDP’s cry out for help

A group of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) in Ruiru constituency have called on the government and well-wishers to assist them in getting a home following their eviction by the land owner where they had sought refuge after 2007 post lection violence.

The group of nine families who have been homeless since 2008 said that they have been moving from one area to another and they have been evicted each times with their hosts saying they cannot support them any longer.

Ann Mweni who is physically disabled and lives as an IDP at Ruiru constituency of Kiambu County said life has not been easy as they have to cope with torn tents and cold harsh weather conditions with no food in their bellies.

Speaking to press, Mweni said that The Kenya Red Cross took down their tents with an order from the then Kiambu county Governor William Kabogo adding that none of the leaders has ever visited their camp since they settled there.

“Former governor William Kabogo asked us not to register as IDPs when the registration was going on and promised he was going to help us, since then we have never heard from him, I have personally gone to his office where he told me he was going to think about it, but I have never had from him since then,” said Mweni.

“When William Kabogo was in office as Governor we wrote to him reminding him of his promise but he never replied, not even when he campaigned did he visit our camp,” she said.

Mweni said she has not only asked for relief from those in office but also other political leaders who she thought would come to their aid.

“After nomination and after she was announced the victor I wrote an SMS to Hon. Gathoni wamuchoba to request for support, she responded by sending one of her workers who came and took notes of our living standard and hardships but never come back to our aid,” said Mueni.

Mweni who is the chairlady of the IDP’s said she has knocked on every door she could reach to at least get a descent livelihood for her and others as it was before.

“I have gone to the governor’s office not ones not twice but many times before but I have been denied access to him,” said Mweni.

The IDP are now camping on the roadside section which is privately owned land. They fear eviction should the owner decide to develop his parcel of land.

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