June 25, 2021

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Mang’u High School students protest suspension of prefects

Over 100 Mang’u High school students walked out of the school on Friday afternoon in protest over the suspension of one of the prefects.

According to the school’s principal Mr Abraham Githuka, the suspended form four student was sent home Friday morning over an indiscipline issue.

“The boy had on Monday slapped a form two student for allegedly sitting down during the morning assembly, after the assembly he even followed him up to the classroom and beat him again. And when asked to explain why he did it, he told us he was disciplining the boy for sitting as the assembly went on,” explained the principal.

The principle said the form two boy explained that he reason for sitting down was because he was unwell.

“We sat as a board and decided it was proper that the prefect gets disciplined for his actions and today morning asked him to go home and report back with his parents on June 15 when the board was having a meeting,” the principal explained.

The decision did not auger well with the rest of the prefects most of whom are in form four.

“They incited the rest of the students and walked out the school, about 100 of them the rest are in their respective classes. Some are coming back and we are letting them in after frisking them and talking to them at the gate,” he said.

A few students that People Daily caught up with at Juja town said the walk out had been planned prior.

“The form four students are the ones mainly behind it. They tried on Thursday but failed. But today, a majority of us walked out peacefully in protest against victimization and favoritism by the administration,” said one student.

The principal said he believed the walk out was a cover up of something else that the boys wanted to achieve.

“They say the food, dormitories and learning is okay but complain of victimization. Is it that they do not want to be disciplined? It is like they are fighting to be allowed to control the school since they are alleging that they used to be powerful prefects a while back but they no longer are,” said Mr Githuka.

The school has over 1200 students.

A spot check by People Daily revealed that nothing was damaged as the students walked out.

According to the Juja OCPD Patricia Nasio, some of the students rushed to bus stations in Juja and Thika to board vehicles home after the chaos erupted in the schools.

Nasio says that they were able to stop some of them and are still liaising with the school to ensure that no student is lost.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the OCPD revealed that a section of students had also earlier been expelled from the school under unclear circumstances that led to the commotion in the school when the other student was expelled.

She stated that after consulting with the students, her officers heard that the students are never listened to by the administration and thus called upon the heads of schools in Juja area to ensure they involve their students in decision making mostly those that affect them.

“We have information from the School Management that they had expelled other students on misconduct grounds and the students got angry after this other student was expelled. They told us they are never listened to and we have talked to the management to ensure they deliberate on issues with students,” she said.

Nasio also ensure there was sanity in the institution immediately after the officers got information of the flakers.

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