June 25, 2021

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Kihumbuini ward hit by nomination malpractices

Jubilee primaries were on Friday hit by total party unpreparedness that prompted eruption of rigging loopholes ranging from theft of ballot papers and misuse of candidate agents to influence electorate.

In Murang’a County, Kihumbuini ward, local authorities were shamelessly used to collude with voters to influence the outcomes.

According to MCA aspirants in the area, the incumbent was using Assistant Chief Kihumbuini sub location Joseph Nyutu Gichore to bribe voters a move the aspirants termed unfair.

Jubilee party official in Gatanga Francis Muheria who is a relative to one of Kihumbuini aspirants was colluding to ensure his family member won the election.

‘This was very unfair, the incumbent used local administration to bribe voters, party officials in Gatanga were conspiring to ensure their relatives in Kihumbuini clinched the MCA seat. We want fairness lest we fully reject the election,’ said an MCA aspirant who sought anonymity.

Latestnewskenya.com news desk has learnt that one of the aspirants in Kihumbuini ward dropped from university after causing unrest. He has been unprofessionally teaching students from local secondary schools.

Jubilee party nominations which were engulfed by delays are scheduled to be redone on Tuesday and Wednesday in different party strongholds.

Kenyans who came out in large numbers to house leaders of their choice to power want democracy, fairness and transparency to prevail during the primaries.

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