April 23, 2020

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Thika records increased cases of Gender Based Violence


Thika West Sub County in Kiambu County has registered increased cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) since the dawn of Covid-19 in the country.

According to police data, GBV cases have been on a sharp growth since the government made the stay at home order.

“There have been increased cases yes. Our data from February this year up to when Covid-19 started shows that the cases have been on the sharp increase,” area police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri said.

The revelations stamped Health CS Mutahi Kagwe’s sustained remarks that more women have been stuck with abusive partners during the hard times when movements are minimal.

Gladys Chania, a Thika-based psychologist blamed the increase to failure by many families to spend time together and reduced incomes.

“Now because of the stay at home order, men and their wives are there drooling from sitting to bedroom to nowhere and so conflicts on that and that increase. We also have two adults in the house who haven’t gone to work and hence no daily income questions on this and that arise and verbal abuse comes in triggering the fights,” she said.

From the increased cases, Chania regretted that levels of depression and stress were at the verge of increasing insisting that the situation draws attention to urgent intervention.

She thereby urged families to try and understand each other and get new coping mechanisms to avert family feuds.

“Stress levels are very high and irritation on very small issues is on trend. People should try to understand each other and get new coping mechanisms,” she advised.

“Don’t fight each other and don’t get yourself to be fought. Get new skills of utilizing your free time and get busy otherwise times are not easy but we shall overcome covid-19,” she said.

The psychologist tasked the government to provide leadership in mapping shelters providing counseling services protection of children and supporting esteem building for the male members of the family.