March 30, 2020

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Release the Billions Given To Vulnerable Groups-Social Advocate Tells Government

Gladys Chania

The government should ensure that the additional Sh 10 billion released to cushion the elderly, orphans and other vulnerable members of the society from the harsh economic times precipitated by the dawn of Covid-19 in the country reach beneficiaries without delay.

Gladys Chania, a Kiambu County-based social advocate said that while the released cash will go a long way in taking care of the needy and sheltering the homeless, delay in disbursement of the money to the beneficiaries will be counterproductive.

Chania regretted that most funds disbursed by the government to the vulnerable persons in the country do not reach the intended persons.

“We have vultures who follow and take advantage of gaps in the processing of these funds to siphon the same. A lot can be done to the society if everyone’s goodwill and passion is manifested at nation service,” she said.

She called on President Uhuru Kenyatta who she praised to laying useful measures to stabilize the economy to devise mechanisms that will see full implementation of his orders.

In the already rolled out measures to cushion Kenyans, Chania added that the Government can do social security cash transfer of some amount to the low income families.

“This to me they can do well through social welfare shopping vouchers and not necessarily as cash,” she said.

Hypothetically, the advocate who doubles to be a psychologist pointed out that the country can only use Sh 70 billion in the whole process.

She advised that the money can be pulled from the supplementary budget and rooted for the recalling of Parliament to legislate.

“Some of these things that look manly impossible are very possible with good will. If this can be done it would be a very comfortable cushion for the poor,” she said.