March 3, 2020

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Pay BBI Attendees Their Dues Before Nakuru Rally, MPs Now Demand.

MP Ndindi Nyoro and his supporters

Days after drama ensued after attendees of Meru Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) forum accused organizers for slashing their promised allowances, anti-BBI MPs now want all attendees paid their dues before the next rally.

Led by Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu) and his Gatundu South counterpart Moses Kuria, the MPs claimed that instead of giving them Sh 5,000 and Sh 10,000 as earlier promised,  the furious attendees who were gathered from different counties from Mt Kenya region were only given Sh 500.

In a video seen by, the attendants were on Saturday seen trading words with the reported organizers over the alleged mischief.
The Mt Kenya region BBI has been at the centre of controversy over what a section of leaders have termed as lack of inclusivity.

Leaders from the region are divided into two factions, one supporting the initiative while the other ardently opposing it.

Those in the Kieleweke faction that is allied to Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta seem content with how the initiative is being run while Tanga Tanga faction that is allied to Deputy President William Ruto has been opposing it.

“We hereby give notice to the organisers of Meru BBI to pay up dues to the people of Mt Kenya or we will mobilize them to demand for their rights,” Kiharu MP posted on Facebook.

“Those who stole money that was to trickle down to Wananchi who woke up at 2am? Delegates kept their part of the bargain and the organisers must also respect the people of Mt Kenya region by keeping their part,” he added.

The MP claimed that the secretariat have Ksh 10 Billion and a confidential vote from Interior Ministry that was released but never reached the intended pockets.

“To the organisers, before Nakuru, kindly sort out Meru dues. Na sio tafadhali.,” he added.