February 27, 2020

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Construction of footbridges along Thika Superhighway on course – Kenha.

A footbridge along Thika superhighway. Photo: Courtesy

Construction of Sh 822 million worth footbridges along Thika Superhighway is on top gear, Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha) has said.

The authority says it is undertaking the construction of the pedestrian crossing facilities at Witeithie, Njomoko, Kenya School of Monetary Studies and Garden City.

Construction of Witeithie and Njomoko footbridges commenced in March 2018, and is being undertaken by Interways Works Limited at a cost of Sh 430 million.

To date, Kenha said that the Witeithie footbridge has been completed and has been opened for use to public.

“The contractor has already erected a steel barrier at the median to prevent pedestrians from crossing the main carriageway hence risking their lives,” the authority through its director general Peter M. Mundinia said in a press release.

Mundinia said that the contractor is currently undertaking the construction of additional service roads and bus bays on each side of the road to ensure passenger and pedestrian safety followed by the removal of the existing speed bumps and restoration of the road surface at the section.

At Kenya School of Monetary Studies and Garden City Mall Footbridges, the authority said the construction which is being undertaken by Fourways Construction Limited at a cost of Sh 392 million will be complete by the end of May this year.

“The steel decks will be installed in April and the contractor is expected to deliver the project by the end of May 2020,” added Mundinia.

The authority has further instructed the contractor to fast-track the removal of the central pier holding structure to reduce traffic snarl up along the carriageway.