October 7, 2019

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Ann Wambui diplaying the ARV drugs in her house in Thika.

A Thika woman, 47-year-old, is condemning Thika level (IV) hospital for ‘misdiagnosing’ her with HIV/AIDS, subjecting her to Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) for close to two years now.

Ann Wambui, a mother of three tested positive of HIV but her husband was found negative at Thika level (iv) hospital in March 2018 and started taking ARVs after several months of disbelief.

“He accompanied me to the hospital for the test. I was in shock when the results were out. I couldn’t believe both my eyes and ears when the results indicated I was infected,” Wambui told LNK.

Ann Wambui displaying the ARV drugs in her house in Thika.

In December 2018, Wambui went for another test and surprisingly this time she was found not to have the killer virus.

She didn’t take it serious and she continued taking the ARVs until recently when she underwent several tests from different hospitals including Kenyatta National Hospital, results reading the same that she doesn’t have HIV virus, she is negative.

Wambui is now pointing fingers at Thika level (iv) for ‘misdiagnosing’ her with HIV/AIDS putting her under strong dosage of ARVs for close to two years now whereas other results are showing otherwise.

“Either the test was wrong or the doctor was not qualified. It is sad that my husband ran away after the misdiagnosis, he feared AIDS,” stressful Wambui said.

However, the experts say the virus can be pushed to undetected levels when the patient adheres to the doctor’s prescription.

“When the infected person takes the ARVs correctly, eats properly, the virus cannot be detected easily up until she stops taking them. I would suggest that the said patient should undergo a thorough test from a certified Laboratory before you talk of any misdiagnosis,” Dr Moses Mwangi, a pharmacist suggested.