July 31, 2019

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Juja woman nursing gun wounds as GSU officers shoot her during training.

Grace Waruinu

Grace Waruinu

A middle-aged woman from Kimbo village in Juja, Kiambu County is nursing wounds after she was wrongly shot by General Service Unit (GSU) officers while at her home which is a few meters from the Recce squad training camp.

Grace Waruinu was washing her clothes on Tuesday at around 10:30 am when the incident happened.

According to her, she had not realized that she had been shot until she started bleeding profusely and a sharp pain followed.

“It all started by serious bleeding and a sharp pain followed and that is when I realized I had been shot,” she said.

Waruinu was rushed to the training camp hospital where she was served with a letter before she was taken Thika Level Five hospital where a detailed examination inside her hand revealed that a bullet was stuck inside her right hand.
Despite having been discharged by Tuesday evening, Waruinu is expected to routinely return to hospital for further examination even as doctors prepare to remove the gunshot.

Esther Muthoni, a sister to Wauruinu said that police, training near their permanent residentials has been causing them sleepless nights adding that already, some residents have developed shock over the noisy sound produced during the shooting.

“They are used to straying bullets anyhow. Am a victim of their recklessness and indeed there is a time I was to be hit on the head but I luckily bent. It has been troubling for most of us who have settled here permanently. Our most fear is our young children who must be watching always,” Muthoni said.

Peter Wanjohi Maina, a neighbor said that it has been a dreadful trend for the officers. He said that they have been fearing to welcome neighbors to their houses for fears of becoming victims.

“They don’t signal that they have started to train and the shooting produces a very rowdy sound that has seen most locals hear develop shock and unnecessary pressure. A move to have the training relocated will be a plus for us,” said Wanjohi.

The residents are now calling on the government to relocate the training site arguing that the state has enough land in none-residential places where they can train officers.