June 13, 2019

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Our projects are not up for sale by bank, assures Urithi.

Urithi Chairman Samuel Main a confers with a member of the Society during a meeting of Panorama Gardens project in Gatanga,Murang'a County.

Urithi Chairman Samuel Main a confers with a member of the Society during a meeting of Panorama Gardens project in Gatanga,Murang'a County.

The Panorama Gardens Project, owned by Urithi Housing Co-operative society is not up for sale by any bank, the society chairman Samuel Maina has upheld.

The 104-acre piece of land located along Gatanga Road, approximately 6km from the Thika Superhighway and which was acquired through a Bank Loan with a 5 Year repayment plan will remain under the care of Urithi following fruitful deliberations between the society Secretariat, the Bank and members of the Project.

Maina said that a solution was arrived at on the clearance of the balance for the facility which has been regularly serviced for the past three years.

On the Olive Tola Phases 3 and 4 Project, Maina says that meetings have already been held between Urithi’s Secretariat and Members of the Project and recommendations made and agreed on the acceleration of payments to the vendor.

“This has been an ongoing process which culminates to the issuance of title deeds,” he said.

Through the support of members, Maina said the society has completed and handed over more than 1,000 affordable housing units and over 6,000 plot title deeds to our investors across the country.

He said that the society is currently at various stages of completion of four housing projects which will be handed over in the coming months.

The housing projects include Nyumba Mia Utange (Mombasa), GEM II Witeithie (Juja), Nyumba Mia -Rongai and the Osteen Terrace Gardens (OTG) in Joska. We encourage our members to get in touch with us for this and other project updates.

“We reiteriate our unwavering commitment to professionalism, openness and delivery,” he said.

In order for us to realize the members vision, Maina called upon members and stakeholders to jealously defend the society’s Ushirika model of “pulling resources together” which he said has served the most crucial sector of Kenyan economy by offering the real affordable housing solutions.

“The unique socio-economic model provides the most affordable way of home and property ownership since members choose the projects they want to invest in, choose a payment plan that they are comfortable with, and pay over time, with the price of their plan remaining constant. Members therefore initiate and execute projects together, consequently mitigating on the cost of labor, land and building materials,” he added.

Despite the challenges, through the model, Maina maintained that URITHI has been able complete and hand over to members houses from as low as Kshs. 495,000 for self-contained studio apartments, to Kshs. 3.6M for a three bedroomed bungalow on its own compound.